Wholesale Enquiries

We help hotels, bars and restaurants manage their wine offering, allowing them to side step the need for a full time Sommelier and focus on the other important aspects of operating in the hospitality space. 

The offering can take many forms…. 

Wine list curation is exciting and we love nothing more than promoting a diverse selection of incredibly well thought out wines and translating these onto a wine list which will be enjoyed by many.

  • Outsource as much as you can:

    We will curate the full wine list and design wine pairings with your menus. Regular training sessions with your staff mean that they are briefed on the wines and can credibly respond to customers. Our team will manage the inventory on a day to day basis ensuring you are stocked up and ready to go! No need for a Sommelier. 

  • Supply in a selection of wines:

    If there are gaps you want to fill in your wine list, then we can make recommendations and supply in what you need.

For any wholesale enquiries, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!